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Our Mission

Our mission is to help cultivate your child to be dependent on Jesus Christ. Every component of Science Camp is designed to meet this goal and to provide for the holistic needs of your child.

Our Campus

We are completely surrounded by a forested ecosystem lush with vegetation and creatures of every kind. Your student will have the opportunity to see wildlife in its natural habitat on a regular basis.

Our Culture

We recognize that your child will be the most open to the Lord when they are having a fun time in a positive environment that is designed to cultivate their growth. Our program seeks to provide this atmosphere and to equip them to develop biblically positive habits and relationships with their friends and classmates.

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Interactive Classes!

Every class enables students to learn about God’s Creation in a fun, interactive experience. They are taught scientific and biblical principles accompanied by firsthand observation opportunities, experiments, and team challenges. Learn more on the Classes page!


Your child will have a blast! We organize numerous games, free time activities, epic night games, and campfire times. These high-energy experiences provide great memories and help put them at ease. Have your student prepared for a thrilling Theme Night by visiting the Typical Day page!

Delicious Food!

Our chefs serve fantastic food and want your child to feel at home. If your child has any special dietary needs, please communicate this to your teacher so that we have time to accommodate these needs.


Chaperones are parents or other adults who volunteer to come to Science Camp and supervise student teams in the day and dorms at night. Please notify your teacher if you’re interested in coming to camp as a chaperone.


Temperatures range from the 30’s to the 90’s. It is extremely important that your child have pants and warm layers no matter what time of the year they are attending camp. View Forecast.

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Supervision & Safety

We place a high premium on excellent supervision as your child’s safety is our top priority. Our facilities are centrally located, making it easy to supervise every student. Students are organized into one night time cabin group and one day time team. Adult chaperones will always be supervising these two groups. During our 1 ½ hours of free time, adults watch each area of camp while students are required to be with at least 3 people at an activity or in designated hang out area.

Your child’s health and safety are extremely important to us! As a result, all of our Outdoor Education staff are First Aid and CPR certified. We also have a quick first response for emergencies provided by Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department located 4 miles from us.


By law, your child may not keep any medications with them or take them on their own. Please notify your teacher of your child’s medications beforehand. On the day of departure, make sure you give your teacher the appropriate medications in their original packaging and with written instructions on the correct times and dosage. Asthma Inhalers will be given to your child’s chaperone during hikes and other strenuous activities.

Parent Contact

In order to help avoid homesickness, students are not allowed to make or receive calls from their parents, family, or friends. If there is an emergency, please call our office at (760) 742-3400 between 8:00am-4:30pm. After office hours, please contact your school. For mail, please write your child’s name and the initials of the school they attend at the top of the address label. Our address is PO Box 160 Palomar Mountain, California 92060.

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