Lives are changed at camp.


My kids just came back from Camp Unplugged. MY ATHEIST SON CAME HOME A SAVED CHRISTIAN! My daughter was baptized and my other son came back on fire and renewed by the word.  I can never thank you all enough! 


I’ve been going for 8 years and am about to attend my 9th year this Sunday! This camp has impacted my life in so many great ways. I’ve grown so much closer to God and riding horses is another amazing experience at Palomar. I love how you get to stay in the mountains and view God’s beauty that he created! I would recommend this camp because it has done so much for me! 


This is my daughter's third year at Palomar, with a total of 5 different times. Every time she comes back home having grown spiritually and emotionally. And most importantly she has had so much fun. The counselors are energetic, goofy, knowledgeable and so supportive of these kids. I really couldn’t be more pleased with our experience at Palomar.

Palomar Christian Conference Center exists to reach the lost for Christ and to pursue spiritual growth through the study of God's Word. Palomar is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that relies on the generosity of donors like you. We recognize that donating is a step of faith in trusting that Palomar will be faithful with your gift.


God has blessed us with continual growth in campers and finances throughout the years because of gracious people telling others about Palomar and through generous giving. Our team at Palomar consists of 25 full-time staff, 10 part-time staff, 70+ summer staff, and a host of volunteers to make each camper experience an opportunity to hear God's voice. In 2018, over 15,000 campers became a part of Palomar's Story and we're praying that God continues to use and grow Palomar.


There are several ways you can give financially to support Palomar. Additions and improvements at Palomar are made possible by the generosity of those who support the ministry monetarily. If you would prefer to donate physical items to us, please contact our Executive Director Micah Beard with donation inquiries.
Your financial partnership helps us change lives at camp, and ultimately makes it possible for us to continue to provide an environment where people can experience God.​​​