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Middle School (3- to 5-day program)

The goal of Science Camp is to provide an amazing outdoor-learning experience for the students of this generation. We are surrounded by thousands of forested acres with beautiful camp grounds and access to State Park trails. Students will get to participate in science courses outdoors and observe nature first hand.  They will also be challenged and encouraged in their friendships through team building and organized activities.

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High School, 3- to 5-day program

Christian Leadership is the ability to positively influence people in a way that honors God and ultimately points others to Jesus.  This type of leadership begins at a young age and is then cultivated in a life-long journey of intentional growth.  Our Leadership Camp uses interactive seminars and activities that challenge students to think critically, speak courageously, and engage actively with leadership concepts. Processing opportunities further enable students to implement a Personal Development Plan to continue their leadership journey.

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