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In 1903, Robert Asher, a member the First Baptist Church of San Diego, homesteaded on Palomar Mountain where Palomar Christian Conference Center now exists.  At first the campground was used by the Boy Scouts. Thanks to Rev. Robert Fleisher, who was an associate pastor of First Baptist Church and influential in persuading Robert Asher to donate the initial 40 acres of land to be used for evangelism through camping, many scouts accepted Christ here.  It was Rev. Fleisher who first operated the camp as a conference center. 


Today Palomar Christian Conference Center continues to grow with the expansion of new programs and facilities.  The spirit of service and self - sacrifice to God and others is the predominating characteristic that is still present in the staff members who work these grounds.  It is our fervent prayer that each guest who visits here encounters God and grows in their relationship with Him as a result of their stay.

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