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History of Palomar Christian Conference Center

In 1903, Robert Asher, a member of the First Baptist Church of San Diego, homesteaded on Palomar Mountain where Palomar Christian Conference Center now exists.  At first the campground was used by the Boy Scouts. Thanks to Rev. Robert Fleisher, who was an associate pastor of First Baptist Church and influential in persuading Robert Asher to donate the initial 40 acres of land to be used for evangelism through camping, many scouts accepted Christ here.  It was Rev. Fleisher who first operated the camp as a conference center. 


Over the next 30 years, an additional 280 acres of land was purchased and in 1946, the first permanent buildings were constructed on the property. The property was formally dedicated on September 1, 1947. Four years later, in 1951, Palomar Baptist Camp was officially established.

In 1953, the First Baptist Church of San Diego launched a giving campaign to continue the construction of the facilities at the camp, particularly the dormitories, dining hall, and swimming pool. Expansion of the conference center would continue over the next fifty years.


1998 saw the first year of program camps with the introduction of the Girl’s Horse Camp. Boy’s Adventure Camp soon followed in 2004. The Outdoor Education Program, or Science Camp, began in 2010, and became the most popular program. These programs helped expand the ministry of the camp to schools and kids throughout Southern California.


Today Palomar Christian Conference Center continues to grow with the expansion of new programs and facilities.  The spirit of service and self - sacrifice to God and others is the predominating characteristic that is still present in the staff members who work these grounds.  It is our fervent prayer that each guest who visits here encounters God and grows in their relationship with Him as a result of their stay.


PCCC Timeline

1903: Robert Asher, camp benefactor, homesteads on Palomar Mountain.

1927: The first Baptist Boys camp takes place under the supervision of R.C. Fleisher at Iron Springs.

1932: Mr. Asher donates 40 acres of land to be used for evangelism through camping.

1944: Mr. Asher sells an additional 120 acres to City Mission Society for $2,000 plus $50 a month for life.

1945: An additional adjoining 160 acres are purchased from another private landowner for $20 an acre.

1945: Property is cleared for construction.

1946: Asher Lodge, septic system and restrooms are built.

1947: Two Quonset huts from Point Hueneme Naval Facility are dismantled and reassembled at the camp. Formal dedication of the camp, September 1, 1947. First well drilled on the property.

1948: First resident director hired.

1949: First home built for camp director.

1951: Camp deeded to First Baptist Church by the City Mission Society. The non-profit corporation Palomar Baptist Camp, Inc. is formed to administer the camp.

1952: Construction of the dining hall. AJ & Davis dorms built. Stella Wright Cottage built.

1954: Swimming pool built.

1955: Dressing rooms built at pool.

1964: Palomar Lodge built.

1966: Horse corral built.

1969: Chapel built.

1971: New director’s home and Kerrigil Lodge built.

1972: Water reservoir added. Well drilled. First addition to the dining hall built.

1983: Bell tower constructed.

1984: Dining restrooms added.

1986: Dining hall enlarged.

1990: Well drilled.

1993: New maintenance shop added.

1994: Meeting rooms under Palomar Lodge added. Chapel restrooms added. Asher Lodge office remodeled.

1995: Athletic field replanted. Asher guest room remodeled.

1998: Spruce Lodge completed. Kitchen expanded. First year of Horse Camp.

1999: Kerrigil remodeled. Amphitheater fire ring built.

2001: County of San Diego approves major use permit to begin master plan construct.

2003: Three new modular homes are added for staff families. Gate house gets remodeled.

2004: Outdoor Adventure Camp begins.

2006: RV pads completed.

2008: Kerrigil addition begins

2010: Outdoor Education Program begins.

2016: Kerrigil addition completed.

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