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Christian Leadership is the ability to positively influence people in a way that honors God and ultimately points others to Jesus.  This type of leadership begins at a young age and is then cultivated in a life-long journey of intentional growth. 


Palomar will partner with you to help enhance leadership development in your school by: 

  • Cultivating leadership in your high school and junior high students

  • Providing students with tools for continued growth

  • Strengthening teachers in their role of developing leadership in their students every day 


Our Leadership Camp uses interactive seminars and activities that challenge students to think critically, speak courageously, and engage actively with leadership concepts. Processing opportunities further enable students to implement a Personal Development Plan to continue their leadership journey.



This option focuses on Christian Leadership within the context of a team.  Students learn the five stages of a team and how each team member can lead their group to achieve common goals.  This program will equip students with practical tools to thrive as leaders today and tomorrow.



This option focuses on how to lead yourself well in order to be a bold, Christian leader.  Students learn how God has uniquely created them to be leaders and how to use a Personal Development Plan to cultivate leadership within themselves.  This program will equip students to lead themselves so they can effectively lead others. ​


In addition to our leadership program, your time with us includes food, lodging, free time activities, campfire times, and night events. ​


3 days

4 days

5 days







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