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See what God has been up to at Palomar!

Updated: Jan 4

Hello Friends of Palomar Camp,

Over the last seventy years God has moved powerfully through the ministry of Palomar Christian Conference Center. PCCC exists to reach the lost for Christ, and to pursue spiritual growth through the study of God's Word. By God's grace and through your partnerships 2023 was another fruitful year of transformed lives.

Although we may not have the reporting mechanisms in place to report every life that made a first-time decision to follow Christ or that made a decision to go deeper in their relationship with the Lord, we feel confident that almost everyone that steps foot on the mountain will be impacted in a positive way. With that being said the real beauty of 13,000 lives impacted is the transformation happening in each individual heart. Over half of our campers are youth so we are proud to serve a generation in need of experiencing God free of distraction and hearing the truth contained in his Word.


Ministry Highlights 2023

• Over 13,000 people were served at


• 1,500+ campers through our Outdoor education and Summer programs

• 242 reported salvations

• 495 reported decisions for Christ


New Executive Director

After 10 years of serving at Palomar as the Executive Director, God called Micah Beard to leave Palomar in February and direct a camp in Alabama. Recently, I was hired as the new executive director. It’s exciting to be a part of Palomar Christian Conference Center. I spent every summer attending a local Christian camp as a child and volunteered in high school as a part of the summer staff. My journey has included serving in the United States Marine Corp as well as in the business world before being called into full-time ministry. During my years in ministry, I have served as a missionary to India, in a discipleship school and as an associate pastor. God brought me full circle back to camping ministry where I have the privilege of creating an environment for others to have a similar life-transforming experience that I had. I'd love to meet with our ministry partners in person or at least over the phone so please feel free to reach out.

Camp Improvements Made in 2023

• Remodeled upper bathrooms in Palomar Lodge

• Added bright outside lightening at Chapel and at the west and south

sides of the Dining Hall

• New chairs, carpet, stage lights, and ceiling tiles in Chapel

(bathrooms will be remodeled early 2024)

• New carpet for Oak meeting room

• New mattresses in Davis Lodge

• Replaced the roof on Stella Wright Cottage

• Repaired the deck on Stella Wright Cottage

• Electrical replacement and upgrades for Well #5


Partner with us

It's exciting to celebrate everything that God has done this year, specifically the individual lives that have been transformed. PCCC has a rich legacy of impacting lives, and we would like to invite you to be a part of that legacy if you're not already. Whether it's coming with your group as a camper, giving financially, volunteering or praying for the ministry, we are grateful for everyone who partnered with us this last year. If you'd like to give a year end gift you can do so here or click the "Donate" button. We are very excited for what the Lord has for PCCC in 2024 so please

join us in praying for the lives that will be impacted this next year.


Aaron Nelson

Executive Director

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