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1.  How much money should I send with my camper?
    $60 is a good amount to pay for free time activities as well as gift shop items.

2.  What will the weather be like?
     Always check the weather before your trip.  The nights tend to be very cool.  

     Please send your camper with a thick sweatshirt and pants.  Depending on 

     the time of year, we have had Science Camp during the snow!

3.  How do I get to Palomar?
     If you are driving to Palomar, please see our Directions.  DO NOT take the Nate Harrison grade.  It is a         fire road.  Please note that there are no gas stations on the mountain.  The last gas stations are at Pala or         Harrah's casinos, or Horizons in Rincon.

4.  What is a theme night?
     Theme nights are a chance for campers to dress up according to the theme night and participate in fun           activities!  Examples of past theme nights: Glow in the Dark, Pirate Night, Star Wars, etc.  Please bring           clothes for this year’s theme night. See our Typical Day page to find out what this year's Theme Night will       be!

5.  Can my camper call home?
     To discourage homesickness, we do not allow campers to call home unless it is an emergency.  We have       found that calls home increase emotions and the desire to go home.  You can always contact the lead           teacher to get a message across to your camper if need be.  Remember that the cell coverage on the             mountain is slim.

6.  Do you accommodate for dietary restrictions?
     Yes. Our dining hall is nut-free and our kitchen staff easily accommodates typical restrictions (GF, DF, vegetarian, vegan, seafood). Please notify the lead teacher of any restrictions and we will work to meet your needs.

7.  How do you hire your staff?
     Every single person who works at camp has been background checked and gone through a detailed             interview process.  The staff will never be alone with any campers.  This rule also goes for any teachers or       chaperones on the trip.  See our Safety page for more info.

8.  Can I send mail to my camper?
     Yes. Please send at least one week beforehand.  Please label all mail like this:

     Camper Name, Science Camp
     School Name and Dates of Camp
     PO Box 160
     Palomar Mountain, CA 92060

9.  What will my camper be learning?
     Your camper will attend science classes to learn about mammals, insects, weather, team building, birds,         plants, etc. See Classes for more info. 

10. How is Palomar different than other camps?
      Teachers who have been coming to Science Camp for years can tell you that it is the staff who make the        program great.  Your campers will be loved and cared for.  The staff make Palomar feel like home,                making it hard for campers to leave at the end of the week. 


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