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Summer Program Staff Needed!

Hello Palomar friends!

We are excited to have our summer staff arriving at the end of May! However, we are in need of a few more individuals who are excited about using their God-given abilities here at Palomar with our program camps this summer.

Our two program camps, Boys Outdoor Adventure and Girls Horse Camp, are in need of the following positions:

  • 1-2 Guy Counselors - Leads & cares for boys while camping outdoors

  • 1 Girl Counselor - Leads & cares for a cabin of girls

  • 1 Wrangler - Helps teach classes & horse/trail riding

  • 1 Photo/Videographer - Captures all the fun our campers have this summer

If you are interested in any of these positions, please click the link below for more information or APPLY TODAY!

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