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  1. Visit the registration page of the program your camper is registered for; Adventure Camp or Horse Camp.

  2. Clink on the link to your camper's specific week (i.e. Horse Camp Week 5). You will arrive at the page where you originally registered.

  3. Below the sign-up button, you will see a small link to log in to your account as highlighted in the image below. Click this. If you are already logged in, this link will not be shown and the big red button will instead say "My Registration". If that is the case, click there. 


  4. Under a heading that says "Attendees" you should see your camper's name (or names if you have multiple youth signed up). Click on a name to edit or update their forms.

  5. If for some reason one of those steps does not work as it should, please let us know by contacting the Summer Registrar at or (760) 742-3400.

Login directions.JPG
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