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Why Science Camp?

Enhance your students' passion for learning.

God’s creation on Palomar Mountain is a beautiful setting to grow and to study His handiwork through outdoor classes. When students get to experience nature firsthand and learning becomes fun and engaging, they become enthusiastic! We believe that this enthusiasm for learning is one of the best gifts a child can be given. As a result, we take many opportunities to observe and learn from our mountain ecosystem as scientists, while also examining nature through the lens of Scripture.

A must-have experience.

What sets us apart is our dedication and intentionality in training your students to depend on Jesus in every area of their life. Our priority is to demonstrate love for and obedience to Christ. We plan every component of camp to meet the holistic needs of your students. Every Outdoor Education staff member is a believer who has biblical convictions that are evident through their words and actions. We want you to leave Palomar as family, encouraged in your faith and challenged in your obedience to God.

Impact students' relationship with God.

Each year we create a biblical theme to expose your students to the Gospel, equip them with God’s Word, and challenge them to love and obey their Lord and Savior. At night we teach them God’s Word around a campfire, while in the morning our staff equip your students with tools to grow in their relationship with God. This balance of hearing and doing enables your students to continue their dependence on Christ when they go home.

Integrate fun & community.

Science Camp includes many opportunities to have fun and to bond as a school class. Our Low Ropes Challenge Course and initiatives use fun team challenges combined with reflection time to develop students in their communication, encouragement, and servant-mindedness. In addition to class unity, we want your students to have a blast! We provide field games, epic night games, a unique theme night to dress up and be yourself, and many free time activities such as our Zip Line and Horseback Riding. As your students are having fun, you will notice that they become more open to developing stronger friendships and to hearing from the Word of God.

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Book Your School

To move forward in the booking process, you will need to have dates set and a minimum number of campers expected. The minimum number is how many people you are guaranteeing to pay for at camp. We then set a maximum number that is typically 10 people higher than your minimum, and is the number of beds we reserved for you. From here, we will send you a contract and you will have 3 weeks to sign and return it with a 20% deposit. You can inquire about booking your group on our Guest Groups page, or contact our retreat coordinator with any questions you may have.

Become Fully Registered

Once we have received your deposit and contract, your group is fully registered! We also need a copy of liability insurance naming PCCC as secondary insurer; just call your insurance provider and have them send it directly to our office by mail, email, or fax (information below).

Countdown To Science Camp

We will provide you with our Science Camp checklist to help you prepare you and your students for camp, while we make sure you have an extraordinary experience that feels like home away from home.


3 days

4 days

5 days








In addition to the science camp program, your time with us includes food, lodging, free time activities, campfire times, and night events. ​

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