Meet Your Horse Camp Staff!

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Growing up on a horse farm in the Mid-West began my passion for horses at a young age.  Around age 11, I started telling my parents I wanted to teach people how to ride horses when I grew up. My life was significantly impacted by many summers spent at a Christian camp and in college the Lord called me to major in Christian camping with a focus on using horses to reach campers for God’s glory.  After many years traveling and working in different areas of the world, in 2014 I packed up my car and moved from Indiana to PCCC.  It’s been an adventure ever since!


Hello! I’m from Northern Utah and I’m so excited to have a summer full of fun and faith building with all incoming campers!


A fun fact about me is that I want to do overseas missions after college! (: I can’t wait to see how God is going to work in all of you this summer. See you at camp!!!


Hi everyone, I am so excited to be your counselor this summer! I am from Columbus, Ohio, where I am really involved in my county fair (I even won Fair Queen).


I love shooting sports, horses and learning about Jesus! I can't wait to see you at camp this summer!!



Hey y’all! I’m from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I’ve worked at Palomar for three years now. I have a passion for Christ and camp ministry. I absolutely love being a counselor because I am helping campers grow closer to Jesus from week to week. I’m super excited for us to get to know each other and have fun this summer! See you soon (:

Fun Fact: I’ve worked on set for a Marvel movie with some of my favorite actors!


Hey guys! I’m from Fresno, California. This will be my second summer working at Palomar, and I’m super excited to build connections with campers and staff members, grow in faith, and enjoy the warm weather! Fun fact: I’m currently studying to become an elementary school teacher.


Hi there! I’m a filmmaker who loves pushing big red “record” buttons. It’ll be my first time at Palomar so I’m really excited to see what God has in store.


Fun fact: I’m left-handed and half-German! 


I am an artist in every sense of the word. My background in art and theatre (I just graduated college with a BA in theatre and theology whoop whoop) makes me a dynamic and fun loving photographer to work with. What is ironic about me is, even though I run my own photography business, I don’t have a good photo of myself. My best self is standing on a tree stump with a megaphone in one hand, a milkshake in the other, and a camera holstered across my shoulders. I can’t wait to meet you!


I studied film and photography at The School Of Worship in Orange County. I am currently continuing my studies at the University level. Besides my love for film, I also enjoy spending time at the beach, crafting, and performing magic tricks. I have spent the last couple years volunteering for the youth program at my church.   

1 Timothy 4:12