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Hey everyone. My name is Grylls, like Bear Grylls. This is my third summer at Palomar and I have loved every moment. I love to see the relationships and growth that you see form at camp. Especially at Adventure Camp where it is a little more relaxed than the other camps and you're surrounded by God’s amazing creation. My hobbies are hiking and playing disc golf (frisbee golf). I also enjoy throwing axes and making fire with flint and steel. That's a little about me, I can’t wait for summer to start.


Hi guys! I'm from Temecula, CA. This will be my first time working at Palomar. I love rock climbing, hiking, running, and going to the beach. Looking forward to getting to know each of you and drawing closer to God in the great outdoors!


Fun fact: I've hiked in the Swiss Alps and Ecuadorian Andes.


A kid at heart, I love inventing wacky games, building massive lego architecture, writing and storyboarding action and comedy. I had a blast founding and running my school's Random Acts of Kindness Club, Cards-for-Nursing-Homes Club, and Antisocial-Social Club. As well as walking with Christ, I’ve gotten to study from the writings of great theologians and apologists. I’ve climbed peaks around the world with my father. Currently an architecture student, I hope to someday design film assets.


I studied film and photography at The School Of Worship in Orange County. I am currently continuing my studies at the University level. Besides my love for film, I also enjoy spending time at the beach, crafting, and performing magic tricks. I have spent the last couple years volunteering for the youth program at my church.   

1 Timothy 4:12



I am an artist in every sense of the word. My background in art and theatre (I just graduated college with a BA in theatre and theology whoop whoop) make me a dynamic and fun loving photographer to work with. What is ironic about me is, even though I run my own photography business, I don’t have a good photo of myself. My best self is standing on a tree stump with a megaphone in one hand, a milkshake in the other, and a camera holstered across my shoulders. I can’t wait to meet you!


Hi there! I’m a filmmaker who loves pushing big red “record” buttons. It’ll be my first time at Palomar so I’m really excited to see what God has in store.


Fun fact: I’m left-handed and half-German!