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Meet Your Winter Camp Staff!

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I worked at Palomar this past summer, and I love the people that feel like family and the way the Lord moves so evidently in the lives of campers and staff! And of course ALL THE FUN!

Fun fact: I lived in Spain for a summer as a nanny.


More info on Koda coming soon!


After being a camper for both Science Camp and Base Camp, I've worked every summer for the past 3 years as kitchen staff and the photographer/videographer for Launch Camp. I love the passion for Christ that Palomar has shown through the camp's intentionality by bringing Christ into every activity. Each staffer here cares about the kids and their personal relationship with Christ. 

Fun fact: Growing up in the Arizona Desert, I have never seen snow in person! (Hopefully will see snow fall this winter camp season!)


I have worked at Palomar during Summer 2017, Winter 2018, & Winter 2019. It is quite literally the best camp I’ve ever been to, but more than that, it feels like family here.

Fun Facts about me: In an alternate universe, my middle name would probably be Leslie. Other than that, I’m a huge Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings nerd.


I have worked at Palomar for one summer and I love it so much. It is a very exciting camp with an assortment of activities to enjoy. My favorite part about Palomar is how welcoming the staff is and how they make the mountain feel like home.


Fun Facts: I have 4 brothers, I have my own Dundie Award, and I was the high school mascot my senior year. Can't wait for an excited, Jesus-filled camp experience!


My family and I have been coming to Palomar since 2012.


My favorite thing about Palomar are the staff. You all are more like family. 


I tried out for the Seattle Seahawks, I’ve been in music videos and I sang in a choir at a Super Bowl halftime show with Michael Jackson. 


I worked at Palomar for summer of 2019 at Base Camp! I love that Palomar is a smaller camp, and allows me to get to know my coworkers and kids that are in my group better! 

Fun fact: I've been to 42 US states! 


I have worked at Palomar for three summers. I love the atmosphere and the desire everyone shows to talk about Christ.


Fun fact: I can't dance but I like to try! 


I have worked at Palomar for Summer 2018 and 2019.

What I love about Palomar is working with Godly people that have the same goal of serving God around me.

Fun Fact: I enjoy wakeboarding and dirt bike riding!


I've been working at Palomar for 3 years. I love Palomar because I get to share the good news about Jesus and I get excited to do fun and crazy stuff at camp! 


Fun fact about me: I grew up in a different country.


I worked at Palomar for the first time this summer! (June-August)

I love that everyone at Palomar is so welcoming and loves to share the gospel through their words and actions. It’s a great place to be to have fun and grow closer the Lord!!

Fun fact: One of my life goals is to go shark cage diving.


I worked at PCCC this past summer, and the reason for me coming back is simple! I absolutely LOVE Palomar and how everything here is so Christ-centered. The atmosphere up on the beautiful mountain brings a welcoming community that makes you feel loved and at home. I love how I can be at an amazing camp that puts God first and makes me feel at home even though I’m across the country from my actual home.


Fun fact: I’m actually from North Carolina! Some other interesting facts about me is that I’ve been meat free for five years and I was on my high school dance and tennis team for three years. I’m super excited to meet y’all this winter and see what amazing things Christ is going to do in our lives!

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