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Our Food Service Manager, Steve Faunce, is currently fighting cancer. Pray for miraculous healing and that he has all the strength and energy he needs to go through chemo with the same infectious joy that he shares with our staff every day!


Camp is currently in limbo as we await new mandates from the State. Pray that regulations for camps are released soon and that camp is able to open to its best capacity.


As Christians we are told to pray for those in authority over us, and that includes our state governor. Pray that our governor has a heart for Christian camps.


Churches, schools, and youth groups have been struggling during the pandemic as well. Pray for our guests to be able to reopen their facilities, meet together, and come to camp as they did before. 


Our nation is in a state of turmoil, and individuals and families are struggling with unprecedented fears and anxieties. Pray for the health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) of both our staff and guests.

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