Palomar Christian Conference Center is offering parents and teens the tools needed to survive the digital age and become the leaders of tomorrow!  Camp Unplugged is designed for today's youth who need a break from technology and for their parents who need to quickly learn how technology is affecting their child’s developing brain and overall health. 

This 4-week program will reset campers’ daily habits, allowing them the opportunity to rediscover who they are and what matters most.  In teams, the campers will complete a nature restoration service project that will help the local Native American community. This will look great on college applications and give your camper a sense of accomplishment that will build their confidence.   

From home, parents will participate in expert-led webinars with live Q&A while their child is at camp.  Campers will spend every day outdoors enjoying fun activities.  At night, campers will wind down and refocus with worship/theme nights, camp outs, and campfires. Your camper will feel recharged as they kick off the new school year.

Parent Benefits:

  • 6 expert-led webinars

  • Child completes 21- or 28-day tech fast without hassle and fights

  • Time to prepare the home for healthy screen time management 

  • Proactive approach before serious addiction develops 

Camper Benefits:

  • 3 or 4 weeks of camp activities

  • Time necessary to reset brain chemistry

  • Routine sleep, exercise, and mealtime

  • Tech’s Effect on Brain Development Class

  • Leadership skills

  • Service projects / Work experience

  • Freedom from digital devices

  • Doing laundry!