Meet Your Base Camp/Camp Unplugged Staff!

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I come from Lake Elsinore, CA. I’m about to be a junior at Grand Canyon University, studying History for grades 6-12. I’m very excited to grow close to a group of remarkable young men and women who want to grow in their faith with Christ and learn about the word of God together. 
A fun fact about me is that I absolutely love the outdoors; my family and I go camping in Lake Tahoe every summer, I love to backpack, camp, hike, kayak and partake in many more activities!


I was born in Moldova but raised in Sacramento. I am excited to get to know the campers and the staff! I have seen God work in amazing ways, and to be a part of it is an incredible honor.


I am a huge collector of memories. Some may call it hoarding, but as a kid, I always saved a bunch of stuff that seemed silly at the time and looking back at it brings so much joy. Today, I have three big boxes of memories, which I am still collecting till this today! I am extremely competitive! That is how I have fun playing all kinds of games!  


I’m from sunny San Diego. I enjoy playing the trumpet and piano, reading books, helping my church with their social media, and of course doing my best to serve Christ better. In the fall I will be a junior majoring in Criminal Justice at Azusa Pacific University. I enjoy the college’s ROTC program in which I will be a MSIII at this coming year. 
Fun Fact: My favorite book of the bible is the book of Job. It reminds me that God is with me even through the toughest of times in my life.

I am from Vista California. I am excited about using my skills to produce videos for campers to look back on and remember the fun times they had. I am going to be a sophomore at Vanguard University this fall.


My favorite thing to do is creating experiences for others to enjoy.


After being a camper for both Science Camp and Base Camp, I've worked every summer for the past 3 years as kitchen staff and the photographer/videographer for Launch Camp. I love the passion for Christ that Palomar has shown through the camp's intentionality by bringing Christ into every activity. Each staffer here cares about the kids and their personal relationship with Christ. 

Fun fact: Growing up in the Arizona Desert, I have never seen snow in person! (Hopefully will see snow fall this winter camp season!)


I am from Ramona, California and joined the Palomar team last summer. I am so excited to come back this summer and try Base Camp. I love how Palomar can reveal God's Love and I know it will be a fun summer for everyone.


Interesting Fact: This past school year I juggled being a 2nd year college student, being a highschool swim and dive coach, and working at an elementary school. It was an awesome experience.


Hi! I'm Isaac and I am from Camas, Washington. I am excited to see campers and staff challenged to live out their faith and grow closer to God this summer! I have worked at Eagle Fern, a Christian camp in Oregon in the past and can't wait to experience the ministry at PCCC. In the fall I will be a junior at Azusa Pacific University where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance.
Fun fact: I will be performing in my first opera in the spring of 2021.


Hey guys! My name’s Marika, and I’m from Fresno, California. This will be my first summer working at Palomar, and I’m super excited to build connections with campers and staff members, grow in faith, and enjoy the warm weather!


Fun fact: I’m currently studying to become an elementary school teacher.


I'm from Placentia, CA 
What I'm most excited about for camp this summer is meeting new people. Pouring into people and getting poured into by other believers. 


A fun fact about me is that I am not afraid of heights and so I will climb anything I can, but I also know when it's safe to do it.
I'm a kid at heart!

I've been working at Palomar for 3 years. I love Palomar because I get to share the good news about Jesus and I get excited to do fun and crazy stuff at camp! 


Fun fact about me: I grew up in a different country.


I’ve been at Palomar for six months and I love how Christ-centered everything is! The atmosphere up on the beautiful mountain brings a welcoming community that makes you feel loved and at home. (:

 Fun fact: I love fun socks and crocs. They’re cool!


Hello! My name is Toma which is short for Tomara and I am from the Sacramento region of California. I am excited for summer camp because just seeing the kids grow throughout the week is one of my favorite parts and the other is being a part of that growth.


I really love to bake and dance whenever I get the chance!