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We are excited to partner with you for our summer

camp program called Base Camp!  This program will

allow your junior high and high school campers to

have a great camp experience as we do the footwork

for you. We provide the program, counselors, housing,

food, camp activities, and a great atmosphere for your 

campers to grow closer to God.

Base Camp is six days long at an all-inclusive price of $375 per camper. Campers will be put into cabins/teams (guys and girls separate) and our trained counselors will lead them through all of our camp activities during the week. The teams will receive points for participation and attitude.  The team at the end of the week with the most points will be crowned King of the Mountain!  

Our program is designed so that our trained counselors are their leaders in the cabins and for the entire week of camp.  As a youth leader, we will let you come for free and provide you with your own room for the week. More leaders are not needed because we would like our counselors to be the ones leading and pouring into the campers.  (If you would like to run your own retreat with your own leaders, please see our Retreat information.) We take your students' safety in the cabins and around camp very seriously, and all of our staff must pass a background check as well as undergo camper abuse/harassment prevention training before camp begins. If you or the campers' parents have any questions regarding our safety standards, please see our Safety page. 


At night, we love our time together at Summit.  Summit is our worship service where crazy skits take place and students can engage in dancing, awesome worship, and a message related to our theme for the summer.  The theme is a secret to all campers until they get to camp (a highly anticipated part of camp).  The spiritual theme will be what the whole week is focused on - the morning devotions, Summit sessions, and cabin times at night.  


Everyone loves Theme Nights!  Theme Nights are opportunities for campers to dress up according to that night's activities.  Keep an eye out for upcoming theme nights on the Base Camp Typical Day page!


At the end of the week, along with King of the Mountain, campers will receive awards for the godly characteristics that we saw them display throughout the week.  This allows us to encourage campers and parents that we see Christ working through them!  



If you would like to attend our Base Camp program, please give us a call to discuss dates so that we can make sure there are enough spots for your whole group. Once we have settled that, we will give you a coupon code to share with your youth for a discounted rate. They can then register individually online (which means you won't have to worry about collecting paperwork or payments from your campers)! You/the church will get them here to Palomar (at our Doane Valley site, just a mile down the road from Main Camp) and will pick them up/take them home on the last day. Lastly, relax while you're here! You'll be able to hang out with your kids and not have to worry about running the program.  



Trish Guinn at (760) 742-3400 or email her at!

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